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In 1985 I bought my first AKC Shetland Sheepdog. Quite by accident she was "Toy" size. By most standards she was not considered show quality, but as more and more people learned of the smaller sized Shelties, they became extremely popular. They could have a "Little Lassie" in their home or apartment that wasn't such a "big" responsibility.


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Through the years I have tried different bloodlines and bigger sizes, but felt the "Toy" size was the best for me, and more and more people these days.
















My toy sized Shelties are just as good quality, just as beautiful, (especially my favorites, white-factored and color-headed whites) have wonderful personalities, and are just as sturdy as the standard sizes...just in a smaller "package".


I have been a member of the Toy Sheltie Club of America for many, many years, and was happy to introduce other toy sized Sheltie breeders to the Club, including Tracie West and Charlotte Cannon. Charlotte then went on to later take the reins and become President of the Club in order for it to continue when Connie (the original President) decided she was unable to devote the time needed to successfully run the Club.


















Our puppies are born, raised and handled in a family oriented environment in my home. I feel very blessed that all of my girls have given birth naturally, on their own, including my tiny, toy 7 lb females. My females are excellent mommies who have cared for their babies with little or no extra help from me.


 I have also been blessed with healthy, happy puppies of all colors and sizes. I have focused on the white-factored and colored headed whites (they are my personal favorites). I have strictly and selectively bred my males and females to assure the best quality puppies, that will become a loved and cherished family member...and beautiful as well!




























Though our bloodlines are from generations of small, and toy-sized, Shelties, no one can guarantee the actual size that a puppy will eventually mature at. Although, repeated breedings can help and give you a better idea of what any particular parent/pairing will consistantly produce. I have learned, from my years of experience, that it is more reliable in predicting the size of my puppies from using and utilizing my own long-standing, proven bloodlines and those of a few, other select breeders.


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