My Beginning



This is the beginning of over 33 years of wonderful, beautiful tiny Shelties and Arabians. This is Tia, my first Arabian foal and Sunny, my first Sheltie. A tiny 10 inch (2 yrs old), sweet lil girl. Oh and my hair... gotta love the 80's!!!





















My son holding Lil Shanni, Sunny's half sister. She was 9 3/4 inchs at 2 years old.
























I was so happy to finally find a tiny male, Patrick. He was a fine boned, 11 1/2 inch, pure for sable.






























He's a gangly, 10 month old juvenile in the following photo, but later produced a beautiful litter of tiny dolls.



















Tragically, he was hit by a car after that one litter for me and one with Tracie West's first female Shasta. (Having contacted me about using him, after seeing my puppies advertised)


This is Tracie's son and daugher with Patrick and Shasta. This was the beginning of our long, great friendship.....and many beautiful lil Shelties!





















After losing sweet lil Patrick, I was lucky to find my beautiful tricolor boy Jigger.

















Here are photos of Jigger and Sunny's tiny son, Trey, at 11 months old. (And me and Sunny) 
























....and continuing on with my beautiful Arabian foals and wonderful lil Shelties...























(2002 Photo)